• 1993 Founded

    TARGID was founded in 1993, renting and renovating from scratch an abandoned juice facility in Kayseri,Turkey for a period of 10 years.

    First apple to fall into the pit
  • 1997 Bought new location

    The current site in Mersin, which at the time was a fruit packaging facility spanning 22.000m² area, was purchased.

  • 2003 Relocating

    All the machinary and the equipment at the Kayseri facility are transfered, and installed in Mersin location.

  • 2007 Expansion

    30 ton capacity shocking, 1700 ton capacity frozen storage and 5300 ton capacity cold storage facilities were built to expand production and stokpiling capacity of the plant.

  • 2009 Modernization

    In an attempt to further expand and modernize the plant, additional investments are made with new machinary and equipment.

  • 2013 Structural Change

    TARGID has restructured from a Limited Company to an Incorporation.

  • 2013 Wastewater Treatment

    A State of the art anaerobic wastewater treatment plant is built, thus saving %25 in water usage and help save the planet.

  • 2015 Intrumental & Microbiological Labs

    We have expanded our labs to increase the quality of our analyses and embroaden our R&D projects